Graduate Edition 2016-2017

The Summer School Program

The Summer School Program


The Summer School Program, in support of the mission of Elizabeth State University (ECSU), is committed to educating and preparing individuals for Master’s Degree Programs in Elementary Education, Biology, School Administration, and Mathematics. ECSU offers a challenging and supportive environment that prepares its students for knowledgeable, responsible participation and leadership in an ever-changing, technologically-advanced global society. The University promotes excellence in teaching as its primary responsibility for meeting the needs of the students and citizens of the state. Through its teaching, research, and community outreach, the University seeks to identify and address the needs of northeastern North Carolina with particular attention to supporting its environmentally sensitive economic development.


The goal of the Summer School Program is to offer a wide range of graduate courses needed by the greatest number of ECSU students in fulfilling their general education and degree requirements. In addition to regular day-time courses, offerings include a variety of distance learning and evening courses.

The two 5-week summer sessions at ECSU have a three-fold purpose. First, they offer an opportunity for college students to take special courses not normally available during the academic year to broaden their academic approach. Second, they serve previously enrolled ECSU students who desire to hasten their acquisition of college degrees or to gain additional credits toward completion of their class standings. Third, they provide incoming freshmen an opportunity to adapt themselves to the academic demands of college in an environment that is relatively free of the usual pressures of extra-curricular activities. The ten-week wrap-around session gives students the option of a more lengthy session for the mastery of more difficult courses.

A complete listing of course names, numbers, and call numbers, used for Web registration, is included in the Summer School marketing materials. Course descriptions are in the University Catalog.

Summer Course Load

The maximum course load for students is six (6) semester hours during each five (5) week session. The maximum number of hours that can be taken during the summer is twelve (12).

Program Expectations

All new students who are admitted to Summer School must meet the same general entrance requirements as the students admitted to the regular academic year program.

Graduate students who plan to attend ECSU for the first time (who are not continuing academic year students) must apply for admission to the University in time to fulfill the requirements for acceptance at least one week prior to the date of registration. Visiting or transient students must present a letter of permission from the institution where they intend to receive their degree, approving their enrollment in Summer School at ECSU.

The schedule of classes, instructional formats, program designs, and faculty and staff office hours have been conveniently established with our students’ best interests in mind. Academic support services are also offered during the summer through our advisors and counselors along with career development and academic counseling. A small student-faculty ratio makes possible an intimate classroom environment. The short length of the summer session provides an opportunity for students to take courses at approximately one-half the cost per semester hour as during the academic year. Thus, considerable savings are possible to the student who completes his or her degree requirements in three years by going to two or three summer sessions. Regular ECSU professors and impressive adjunct faculty provide the instruction. The course content and academic standards in all courses are the same as in regular semesters. However, there are some basic differences that give the Summer School a distinct character of its own.

Program Administration

The Summer Program Director is administratively responsible to the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs through the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. The Director works in close cooperation with the various constituent parts of the University to implement the Summer Program in conjunction with the various support services of the University. The Summer School Advisory Committee provides input to the Director for the purpose of program governance. The Summer School Program is affiliated with the regional and national groups of the North American Association of Summer Sessions (NAASS).

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