Undergraduate Edition 2019-2020

Business Administration

The Business Administration program offers students the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree (BSBA). In addition to the general education courses, Business Administration majors take their own business core subjects which help them gain general business knowledge. All Business Administration majors must select an area of concentration: Management and Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Data Analysis, or Economics and Finance. The department also offers a Minor in Business Administration and a minor in Entrepreneurship to students who are pursuing majors in other schools.

The BSBA degree provides basic professional preparation for careers in business, government, and non-profit organizations, with specific focus on administration. The curriculum is designed to help students

  • develop the ability to evaluate and make business decisions against changing competitive, economic, legal, political, social/cultural, and technological environments;
  • familiarize themselves with the dynamics of the internal organization and operations of business firms;
  • develop skills in identifying problems, issues, and strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats confronting business firms;
  • acquire tools, methods, and techniques for analyzing and solving business problems and opportunities; and
  • gain the ability to develop and implement strategies.

The major objectives of the program are to help students succeed at each of the following:

  • Applying critical thinking skills to business decisions
  • Recognizing ethical dilemmas in business and professional environments and demonstrating social responsibility
  • Applying and using fundamental principles from the core knowledge base of Business Administration specific to the areas of accounting, economics, finance, information systems, international business, legal and social environment, management, marketing and qualitative business analysis
  • Communicating effectively in both written and oral form

Degree Program

The Department of Business and Economics offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Students earn this degree in one of the following concentrations. Additional concentrations may be selected by a student in consultation with his or her advisor.

Concentration in Management and Entrepreneurship

The concentration in Management and Entrepreneurship prepares students for all facets of running a business, whether it be their own startup, an inherited family business, or a company created and owned by others. Students experience key elements of managing human resources, preparing business plans and determining how to attain and deploy resources for maximal effect. This concentration helps students use their creativity to recognize opportunity, evaluate and develop products or services to create value and wealth in the process.

Concentration in Marketing and Data Analysis

Marketing and Data Analysis are naturally related in the current age of technology. Successful companies are not only customer-driven, but are customer-obsessed. Successes come about by developing sound marketing strategies and functions that provide superior value to customers. Companies seek to use technology to tap into markets that are yet untapped as well as target their products to the specific needs and interests of current customers. They do so using data collected from point of purchase transactions, from customer surveys and interactions both face to face and on the web, and from demographic sources. Successful companies collect, store and use this data to find ways to add value for customers. This concentration connects MIS and Marketing through the link of E-Commerce, teaching students about business intelligence and analytics, consumer behavior, sales management and managing the marketing process.

Concentration in Economics and Finance

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Economics and Finance provides basic preparation for careers in banking, government, corporate finance, private entities, and investment banking. Inclusive in the program objectives is the preparation for graduate study in Business Administration, Economics, Finance, and related academic areas. Students with this concentration are on their way to being prepared for the Chartered Financial Analyst exam.

Minor in Business Administration

The Department also offers a minor in Business Administration to students pursuing other degrees at ECSU.

Minor in Entrepreneurship

For those pursuing degrees in programs other than Business Administration and Accounting, the Department also offers a minor in Entrepreneurship to help prepare students to open their own businesses.

Certificate in Entrepreneurship

The Department offers a Certificate in Entrepreneurship that is available for individuals seeking a degree at the university as well as for community members. The Certificate in Entrepreneurship is intended to prepare those without a Business Administration or Accounting degree to open and sustain an entrepreneurial venture.