Undergraduate Edition 2019-2020

Kinesiology and Health

To provide an environment in which students can pursue excellence through a program of professional coursework, practical experiences, and professional interactions that will provide a foundation for careers in the field of Kinesiology. The Kinesiology degree is one of the newest programs developed by ECSU. The Kinesiology degree asks students to choose one of three concentrations to specialize in: Physical Education and Health, Fitness and Wellness, and Exercise Science. All students majoring in a degree in Kinesiology will take the same 23 credit hours of core courses, 8 credit hours of core electives, and then will take courses specific to the concentration of study. The Kinesiology degree is taught using online and face-to-face coursework and is suggested to take 8 full-time semesters to graduate.  Kinesiology majors must earn a C or better in required general education courses, major requirements, related area requirements and concentration requirements.  All graduating seniors are required to participate in an exit survey during their last semester before their final grades will be posted.  Professional conduct is expected of all students as outlined in the disposition requirements assessment tool. The disposition assessment tool may be obtained from your advisor during a regularly scheduled advising appointment.

The mission of the Kinesiology program is to provide educational opportunities for students seeking a B.S. degree in Kinesiology by disseminating knowledge about Kinesiology, Physical Education pedagogy, pedagogical content knowledge, physical activity programming, nutrition, public health, exercise, human movement, curriculum design, and instructional strategies that will prepare graduates to be globally competitive to transform Northeaster NC and the World.

Kinesiology and Health offers professional preparation programs for majors and health and physical activity programming for non-majors to fulfill general education course requirements. The Kinesiology and Health program area offers the following programs and concentrations:

1. Kinesiology
    a. Exercise Science
    b. Fitness and Wellness
    c. Physical Education and Health (Teaching)


Kinesiology- Concentration: Exercise Science
The Exercise Science program of study prepares students for careers in preventative and rehabilitative exercise and wellness programs in settings such as hospitals, government agencies, and fitness and corporate wellness centers. A solid foundation in the natural sciences is the cornerstone of the coursework. Upon completion of the coursework students should have the foundational content knowledge needed to pass a number of nationally recognized personal trainer, group exercise instructor, and strength and conditioning certification exams, such as the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), and the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Students choosing this concentration will meet the requirements for most graduate education programs in such allied health areas as physical therapy, occupational therapy, sports medicine, and exercise science.

Kinesiology- Concentration: Fitness and Wellness
The Fitness and Wellness concentration prepares students for employment in the growing health and wellness industry. The coursework in Fitness and Wellness provides content knowledge needed to pass a number of nationally recognized exams, so students can earn certifications in: aquatic exercise instruction, personal training, lifestyle, weight management, and health coaching, group exercise instruction, First Aid/CPR/AED, and certified aquatic facility technician.

Kinesiology- Concentration: Physical Education and Health
The Physical Education and Health concentration is designed to provide the content knowledge needed to teach Physical Education and Health Education at the K-12 grade levels, in the state of North Carolina. Upon completion of this program students will be eligible to earn North Carolina teaching licensure.

Kinesiology- Physical Education and Health Licensure Only
The Physical Education and Health Licensure Only track is available to individuals who currently hold an undergraduate degree, in any field, from an accredited institution. This program of study is available to provide experience with Physical Education and Health Education content to individuals in order to earn endorsement for teaching Physical Education and Health Education through the state North Carolina.

The Health and Physical Education Majors’ Club exists to provide all students majoring in a program of study in the Kinesiology and Health with an organization to foster the open exchange of ideas. The club provides access to community service opportunities on campus, in Elizabeth City, in North Carolina, and nationally. Members engage in a variety of new experiences that will help them discover new information about their fields, which will prepare them to become productive members of their field and society after graduation.

The Health and Physical Education Majors’ Club brings world renowned professionals to ECSU for guest lectures, offers nationally recognized training programs, and promotes professional development and networking by helping fund students to attend and present at national, state, and local conferences.
Students must obtain a minimum grade of "C" in all Major Core Requirements.