Undergraduate Edition 2019-2020



The study of psychology provides knowledge regarding the causes of behavior and psychological methods of investigation. A background in psychology promotes within an individual a sense of competence and efficiency through a better understanding of development, learning, cognition, and emotion. Therefore, a fundamental effort in the Psychology Program is to impart to students a thorough knowledge of the practical, scientific, and theoretical/philosophical factors associated with the study of human behavior. The program offers a major, a minor, and an academic concentration (Teacher Education Majors) in Psychology.

Mission & Objectives

In concert with the overall mission of Elizabeth City State University, the Psychology program endeavors to develop in undergraduate students a better understanding of the social, biological, and environmental factors that impact the human experience from a global, overall perspective. Students are presented the opportunity to prepare for graduate study in psychology, marketing, law enforcement, social work and education to name a few. The program’s objectives can be translated into specific purposes/goals relevant to obtaining the Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology at ECSU. These objectives are as follows:

  • to enhance student ability to think critically and quantitatively;
  • to provide relevant and rigorous academic coursework, the successful completion of which results in a Bachelor of Science degree;
  • to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and academic preparation necessary for the pursuit of advanced degrees in graduate and professional schools, thereby facilitating viable employment opportunities; and
  • to provide students with a broad understanding of the types of problems in local, national, and international communities which can be addressed via the application of knowledge obtained from the study of psychology.

Psychology Degree Program

The degree of Bachelor of Science with a major in psychology shall be conferred upon students who complete major requirements as indicated in the curriculum plan for those majoring in psychology. It should be noted that both the Major and the Minor (for majors in any discipline) are offered in psychology. Each student pursuing the Psychology major is encouraged to declare a minor (any field other than Psychology) as the first-time seeker of the baccalaureate degree.

For a Major or Minor status in psychology, the student must evidence an overall GPA of 2.25 or better and must have earned grades of "C" or better in the courses identified as "Psychology" (PSY); and proficiency in APA writing format. Earning grades of "C" or better in Psychology (PSY) courses is a requirement for graduation. Failure to maintain the required GPA will result in the student being placed on probationary status as a Major/Minor in Psychology until the necessary GPA is achieved. The appropriate course sequence along with curriculum-guide summaries appear below.

The Department also offers an "Academic Concentration in Psychology" as a complement to the Teacher Education Program.