Undergraduate Edition 2019-2020

The PACE Center

PACE stands for protection, awareness, cultural and education.  It is supported by a collaborative team of on- and off-campus partners. The Center is committed to decreasing violence on campus through outreach and advocacy and is open to individuals of all genders in the ECSU community. The PACE Center works to promote awareness of cultural factors that support violence and to combat these factors in efforts to change cultural norms on campus related to sexual assault, relationship violence, domestic violence, and stalking.

Goals of the PACE Center include:

Development of preventive and survivor-focused programming to aid victims of sexual assault and sexual violence

Promote an inclusive learning environment

Continued education of campus community members on the importance of consent

Implementation of prevention and education materials for all incoming and current students

Provision of bystander intervention training to campus and student leaders

Fostering of dialog among campus departments and between students, faculty, and staff

Communication of the unacceptable consequences of sexual violence on the individual and the community to students, staff, and faculty

Development of university policy and protocol related to sexual misconduct and sexual assault

Note on confidentiality: The PACE Center is subject to Clery Act and Title IX regulations.